Why No One Talks About Events Anymore

Why No One Talks About Events Anymore

The Big Advantage of Stretch Tents over Marquees

Tents have been used as a temporary shed for many different types of applications. This includes Exhibitions Sports Events, Party and Wedding, Festival, etc The popularity of tents is because of the sense of security and comfort that it gives when you are out in the open and also the aesthetic value that it provides for your activity. This is also true for industrial tents which can be used for temporary shelter and they are also known to be beautiful, economical, and movable.

It used to be that tents looked simple, white boxes ones with white walls and metal poles, but this has eventually involved into something more interesting. Fabric structures or stretch tents, have changed the way event planners operate to bring an exciting new spin from those traditional marquees where the frames don’t allow much flexibility. Marquees, although they come in different sizes have a common shape of either square or rectangle.

The freedom stretch tents of today are very different from the tents of yester years. They are modular, stretchable, adjustable, and flexible to fit any kind of environment. Because structural frames don’t limit these tents, they have those qualities. The stretch fabric can replicate any given space and shape where you want it to rest, whether you want them completely enclosed or you prefer a more airy-type, this will also depend on what the organizer prefers.
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Other uses of these stretch tents that is becoming popular today and totally different from the single basic color marquees is that they can be used for marketing or branding purposes. Stretch tents are unlike the basic color marquees, because these can come with different colors where you can also put your business logo or you can even put your business or product identity in a specific area.
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The boxed type marquee resembles a classical look but leaves little room to be creative with structures. This is because it is limited to the poles and frames which must be set up in a very specific way and therefore it can never achieve that modern look qualities that activities goers find more appealing.

With stretch tents, you have the power to draw more people to your event or show since you can be as creative and stylish as you can be to match your event and location.

In events, you try to catch the attention of the attenders. But no matter how well designed your traditional marquee is, no matter how well you can fill it up with alluring things, this still is no match to the freedom that one can do to use their structure to attract and persuade people to look what is beyond that very creative structure.

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