Tips Make Bolu So As Not To Hard And Failed

Tips Make Bolu So As Not To Hard And Failed

It must be really hateful if the result of our grill refresh alias failed. The cake even becomes hard, stiff, or not perfectly fluffy. Anyway not really worth for eaten, let alone served for guests. I personally have experienced it, ladies, several times. It hurts here

It must be disappointed because it was tired-tired collect materials, stirring, fitting was so even failed. Continue after research and repeat several times, finally.

here are some tips you can see to make a bolu cake recipe. Let’s check this out.

  1. All materials must be room temperature

This is true, ladies. First time to make a sponge, I immediately use the egg from the refrigerator alias cold eggs. As a result, Bolu assists perfectly. It turns out that cold eggs will be difficult to ride when shaken. So is margarine. Do not pour the freshly melted margarine directly into the dough alias when the margarine is still hot. Wait a little warm may just be put into the dough yes.

  1. Melting Processes Margarine

The process of melting the margarine should also be considered. Although it cannot be directly inserted after melting, it turns out that margarine that has been liquid also should not be left too long at room temperature. The trick is, once the process of stirring the dough is halfway running, immediately melt the margarine on the pan with a super small fire. Do not wait until the margarine melts all ya. If the margarine is almost liquid all or just left so a small part, immediately turns off the fire and lift. Immediately move to a rather wide container, but do not place it.Because if you put on a plate, margarine so quickly cold, while the cold margarine melting that will actually make a sponge cushion. Anyway, the small portion of the margarine will be liquid by itself due to the warm temperature. Then, while still shaking the dough, warm margarine is ready to pour.

  1. Notice the Used Cases and Tools

It turned out that the containers and tools used must be completely dry. Check one by one, lest any water, oil, or butter stick. Even the damp cannot do it because it will make the dough so not expands and cautious. Before using it, of course, you have to wash the tool and the container, but wipe it just is not enough ladies, because it must be still damp. Try to let stand in the temperature of the room overnight to dry by itself, new tools and containers ready for use!

  1. How to Pour Materials

Do not play from pouring. It turns out pour ingredients into the dough should also slowly. For example wheat flour (coconut milk used to be so no lumps). You can pour some first, stir with a spatula. If already mixed new pour again until it runs out. In order not to stir it many times, you can combine wheat flour, baking powder, milk powder, chocolate powder, or cornstarch. Similarly, liquid materials such as margarine which can be combined with pasta, liquid milk, or coconut milk.

  1. Long Shake the Dough

Well, if make a sponge also cannot be shaken for long. When first shaking eggs, with sugar and emulsifier, use a micro-microcomputer at low speed. Then just raise the speed of the mixer so that the dough expands and rises to the highest speed to solidify the dough. Long shuffle should also be adjusted. If it stops too soon, the dough will be less stable and fast down even as long as it is roasted.

But if over time, the dough will be too much ‘conceded’ air that will cause sudden. In essence, follow the recipe and instructions carefully, do not be careless improvisation. Unless friends are already experiments in the field of cotton – yah well.

  1. Set Oven Temperature

Before putting the dough into the oven, you need to preheat the oven so that the dough is not too long in the oven. If later on later dough that expands even going down again while still inside. Preheat the oven for 5-10 minutes. Do not overheat too because later the dough even so quickly burnt.

Remember, always follow the recipe instructions well. If the dough has not fully expanded, do not open the oven door closer because later the cake will actually go down. To find out whether the cake is cooked or not, you can pierce the center of the cake with a toothpick or a skewer. If there is no dough sticking, it means your cake is perfectly ripe!

That’s the tips that you can follow to make. It makes grilled is a bit tricky because a lot of detail and steps that must be considered. Even water in a container can be fatal. But once the cake is ripe perfect and successful, it feels really happy! Good luck and do not give up easily yes!