5 Reasons Why Honeymoon Photos Are an Absolute MUST!

5 Reasons Why Honeymoon Photos Are an Absolute MUST!

We’ve all heard of the engagement photos, the bridal portrait session, and even a boudoir shoot. But lately our feeds have been full of gorgeous couples in incredible locations captured in the latest photo trend – honeymoon shoots! Couples are now signing up for sessions around the world on their jet-setting adventures and (pun intended) we are onboard with this trend as it takes off. If these images alone don’t convince you, we’re sharing 5 reasons why honeymoon photos should be an official part of your wedding photography plans.

You’ll Never Feel This Way Again

Just like when you first got engaged, or on your wedding day, the honeymoon is a special time in it’s own right. That just-married feeling creates a new view on everything from the first time you refer to each other as husband and wife to the first picture you post with your new last name. A good photographer will capture that newlywed bliss and the images will bring you back to how you felt in that moment forever.

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